Want to learn Saarlandian Language ??


This is the ultimate Saarlandian-English Dictionary for all English speaking people intending to make a business trip to Saabrigge and get lost somewhere between Ensheim and the Bostalsee.



Aldedaach                                             old age pensioner; also: annual old people’s event

anner                                                    the other one



Babbe                                                   father

babbele                                                to speak

babbisch                                               sticky

Babbsagg                                              you suck

beleidischd Lewwerworscht                    sensitive person

Bibbeljes-Bohne                                    a soup made of green beans

Billa                                                     pictures; also: short form for the name “Sybille”

Bobbelsche                                            little child, baby

bummbe                                                to beat, hit



Dasch                                                   bag, pocket

der do geht ran wie Flocki ans Gehaggte  not very shy person

Dibbe                                                   pot

Dibbelabbes                                         special Saarlandian dish: potato-pan

Dinnbrettbohrer                                   awkward person also known as “Angeber”

Doijenanner                                           a big mess

driwwe                                                  over there

druff                                                    up there

Dummschwätzer                                     someone who talks too much. Similar to: “Sabbelschniss”


Ebbel                                                   apples

Ebbelborner Braddler                           the Saarlandian Prime Minister

ebbes                                                   some, a few

enuff                                                    up

enunner                                                 down

erbaame, die Pälzer komme!                    Saarlandian National Anthem

et                                                         typical saarlandian article (female only), for example: et Marianne .....



Feier unner de Aasch mache                    to help somebody to become quicker

Fixfeier                                                matchstick



geh fodd                                               amazing; unbelievable

Geknoddel                                             total mess

Gedööns                                                a lot of noise about nothing

Gaadediersche                                       a small door to enter the garden

Grädediersche                                       a small fish

gugge                                                    to watch

ei mei Guddes, unn?                                hello, nice to see you! How are you today?

wo geschde lang? / wo machschde naus?   where are you going?

Guttsje                                                 candy; christmas cookies



hä?                                                       excuse me, could you please be so kind to repeat your statement? I couldn't understand you.

Heisje                                                   small house, hut

Heer uff                                               stop! Similar to: “Mooomendemol”

Saarländisch-Kongo                                area near Saarbrücken

Saarländisch-Sibirie                              area next to Otzenhausen

hibbelisch                                             nervous

Hinkel                                                   chicken

horschemo!                                            listen!

hugge                                                    to sit



inn Abrahams Schoos                             legendary place that everybody knows — but nobody has ever seen

Ims                                                       family celebration; to celebrate an anniversary




Kaff                                                     small town

kee Bock meh                                         unmotivated

Kipp                                                     cigarette

kleen                                                    small

knaube                                                  to work not very accurately

Knepp mache                                          to do something stupid

Kohle                                                    cash, money



Labbe                                                   driving licence; wash cloth

läärisch                                                 to be not in the mood

Läwe geht weider                                   Saarlandian motto like “Don't worry, be happy”

Lazzegalli                                             furtive person



maije                                                    to have some free coffee or tea or other several drinks (or nothing at all) during a hole afternoon or evening at a good friend’s home, talking about god and the world

Muppesje                                              not even skinny person, similar to: “Pummelsche”



Naggisch                                               naked

Nippes                                                  useless things



Owwerlinxwiller                                    also very good known in China



petze                                                    to delay the way to the toilet

plärre                                                   to cry



Scheesewäänje                                       baby carriage

schlugge                                                to drink

schnalle / Schnalle                                 to understand; also: colloquial for female

Schneggedänzjer                                   funny things

Schnecke checke                                    to watch nice girls

Schnibbelsche                                       little piece

schwangere Lerch                                  fat (female) person

sisch ableeje                                         to go to sleep

Stinkstiwwel                                         smelly person; also: very unfriendly person



uffgeblaasd                                           arrogant

uffraffe                                               to get up; to pull oneself together

unn?                                                     hello, nice to see you!



veraasche                                              to make fun of someone



Wäänje                                                 small car

wie bei Hembels unnerm Sofa                 having a mess in the living area or office

Wutz                                                    pig; dirty person



Zuggerschtiggsche                                 a lump of sugar; also: pet name for girlfriend